Women on Stage

What’s so unique for women in their challenge to speak up and be heard?

Women, when they are speaking at the workplace, almost never get it “Just Right”. Some have advised women to be more assertive and to take on masculine attitudes. Others have suggested they should stick with their roles and act their more feminine attributes. In both cases, it doesn’t work. To quote the famous leading organization Catalyst for women and business, “women are damned if they do, doomed if they don’t”. This double-bind that women face every day has created a search for a way-out, a solution.

Women are still culturally trained to look for perfection, to seek for approval and acceptance, to ask permission to express themselves, to avoid failure at all costs, and to feel shame to go out and show how ambitious they can be. We are still very dependant on “what will people think of me ?” and we would do anything to avoid shame, criticism and judgement.


In Women on Stage we’ll explore a way to be heard, taken seriously, and given the authority to make change we so clearly see, without giving up on our femininity, and allowing us to express all the nuances of our emotions, personality and intelligence.

Discover the power of PRESENCE and develop your unique presence on stage. Here and NOW. Neither feminine, nor masculine, but integrating your whole self, mind, body and heart.

This workshop is for you if…

  • You are a woman leader in any industry, a woman entrepreneur or a senior executive woman taking on roles with increased visibility
  • You are required to make impactful presentations, but you do not feel entirely confident, no matter what others tell you and how experienced you can appear to be
  • You are a high-achiever but you struggle with perfectionism and you are familiar with the imposter syndrome
  • You sometimes feel that when you start to speak, you are interrupted or shot down before finishing your pitch
  • You feel you need to be cautious about expressing your ideas, walking a tightrope
  • You stay quiet during meetings for fear of being judged too aggressive or because your voice sounds too soft
  • You would like to be perceived differently than related to your gender, but feel caught up in the double-bind
  • You believe that improving your presentation skills will advance your leadership influence but you want to do this in a safe, supportive and entertaining environment

Key takeaways

  • Understand the double-bind effect for women when they communicate at work and get away from this polarity
  • Discover the ten most common traps women fall into when they speak in public
  • Explore what to do instead and discover the power of presence in delivery, via breathing, voice and posture techniques
  • Learn how to deal with stage fright and embrace your fears
  • Get the recognition you deserve with increased visibility and impact
  • Get support and nourishment within a circle of women committed to their personal and professional growth
  • Learn how to pick up your own style of communication, “made to mesure” that fits YOU and only you
  • Bring your best self centre-stage

Learning Methods

This is not going to be your traditional corporate training, so be prepared to work and play on the edge. We will talk and reflect, but also play, improvise, draw, relax and create. Bonus: you will be introduced to Marion’s innovative and fun 3 D coaching method, playing with archetypes.


One week prior to the workshop you will receive a questionnaire about your specific speaking challenges and your expectations for this workshop. You will also be asked to prepare a specific assignment, according to your profile and challenges.


Marion Chapsal, Ideas on Stage Chief Learning Officer

Marion’s relentless quest is to coach women to find their voice, communicate with confidence and enthusiasm, and develop fully as 21st century women leaders. She has created Women on Stage because she believes that, still today, women’s voices are not fully heard, much less appreciated and acted upon and need more than ever to be taken into account and to have an impact to make the world a better place for all men and women.

In her unique coaching approach, Marion taps into theater techniques and gently encourages role playing, creating a safe and respectful environment where each participant feels free to express feelings, ideas, intuitions, take risks and pretend to be the change they want to see.

Marion brings with her more than twenty years of executive training and coaching in Leadership and communication. She has taught Leadership at EM Lyon Business School and Cranfield School of Management. She’s a certified Master NLP coach, a rebirther and trained in Drama School and theater techniques. At 50, she went back to University to study a Master in Gender Studies, Sociology & linguistics, focusing on gender, speaking and power. It could have ended in a PhD; instead, she created Women on Stage.

…and she also brings her huge collection of Comic Strips, animated movies and fairy tales characters, representing a very wide range of role-models and archetypes. The use of figurines is fantastic because it’s so easy, simple and fun!

Marion is here to help women overcome their reluctance to shine in their lives and work, and recognize how incredibly brave and powerful they already are.

To organize a Women on Stage workshop for your company, or if you’d like to attend one of our public workshops, please contact us using the form below. You’re most definitely worth it!