Gender-Balanced Leadership

Overcome gender bias and information silos in your company, and boost your performance.

Diversity and inclusion are hot subjects for companies these days and for good reason: research is showing that diversity in teams makes them more creative, while diverse companies financially outperform their homogeneous counterparts by up to 35%. How do we create a hospitable space and foster empathy and collaboration to drive higher performance?

At Ideas on Stage, our programs produce concrete results that lead to shifts in thinking and actions, resulting in higher engagement and greater fulfillment. We offer a range of customized solutions designed to tap the hidden wisdom in your organization and produce the following outcomes:

  • Learn how to identify unconscious biases
  • Develop strategies for compensating when bias is present
  • Build alliances with fellow participants
  • Improve relationships through deeper listening
  • Understand how to create the conditions for collective intelligence to emerge
  • Leave the workshop with specific tools and practical applications of their learnings
  • Have fun while learning

Tailored to your needs

The Diversity and Inclusion Workshop can be configured to meet your team’s needs, from a half-day introduction up to a one or two-day workshop. The longer the course, the more hands-on it will be.

Many companies choose to combine the Diversity and Inclusion Workshop with the Women on Stage Workshop, giving women the opportunity after the course to help them apply and perfect the new tools and skills.

To find out more about the Diversity & Inclusion Workshop and how it can help your company to challenge stereotypes and make the business case for diversity, please fill in our contact form below.

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