Pierre Morsa – Founding Partner and Creative Director

Pierre leads the creation of presentations that need something extra special, always inventing new ways to surprise and amaze your audience. He was interviewed in the documentary “Le pouvoir des mots” for the Canadian television, and by several magazines, including Le Monde, Le Parisien and Management.



Phil Waknell – Founding Partner and Chief Inspiration Officer

Phil Waknell is one of Europe’s leading experts in the new art of presenting, and speaks regularly at major corporations and conferences about the need to improve the way businesses communicate. As well as speaking, coaching, training and teaching at HEC Paris, Phil writes a monthly column for SOLD Magazine, coaches start-ups at Le Camping, and shares ideas on his popular blog philpresents.com.

Before founding Ideas on Stage, Phil spent many years in leadership positions in Procter & Gamble and Hewlett-Packard, and holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris.

Despite speaking fluent French, Phil is still mostly English and misses the 3 Cs of England: cricket, curry and cheesecake.

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Michael Rickwood – Chief Coaching Officer

Michael Rickwood is a classically trained English actor and speaking coach. Before joining Ideas on Stage, Michael spent many years creating and delivering original presentation training courses for some of France’s biggest companies. Today, apart from training and coaching executives, Michael also coaches speakers at hugely successful TEDx and WikiStage conferences where he continues to develop our unique brand of highly creative, memorable and entertaining presentations, and he coaches start-ups at Paris-based accelerator Le Camping.

Michael also teaches presentation skills at Celsa-Sorbonne, IPAG and INSEEC, both in English and in French.



Marion Chapsal – Chief Training Officer

Marion Chapsal has 17 years of teaching, training and consulting experience with EM Lyon business school. Marion has studied and worked in the UK and in the States. She has studied theater and speech at Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique de Lyon. Marion holds a Master of Science in Business from SKEMA Sophia Antipolis and is currently studying a European Master 2 in Gender and Equality Studies at Lyon 2 University of Anthropology.

She runs a popular Gender-balanced Leadership blog, Women on Stage



Joe Ross – Chief Strategy Officer

Joe is a highly experienced writer and communicator, and teaches business writing at Ecole Polytechnique. With a wealth of experience in the public sector, business and various international think-tanks in his native USA and in Europe, and with several publications to his name including co-authoring (with Jacques Attali) a 2013 French Government-commissioned report on the Positive Economy, Joe truly understands business and communication and brings them together to help leaders to craft and deliver effective communication strategies and individual presentations.



Ricardo Bonis (Spain)

Ricardo Bonis is the founder and director of EnVozBaja, a company located in the Mediterranean area of Spain focused on creating effective and powerful presentations, training managers from companies in Spain and throughout Europe to deliver their presentations and providing training for teams in companies.
With more than 15 years of experience in leadership positions in telecom companies (Telefonica, telecable), Ricardo knows first-hand the demands of the business environment and the importance of great presentation skills.
Ricardo’s passions include flying planes, practising illusionism and spending time with his lovely family.



Dirk Haun (Germany)

Coming from a background in software development and technology, Dirk has made it his mission to help people express and present their ideas. He is the co-organizer and speaker liaison at TEDxStuttgart and the author of “Presenting for Geeks”.


Patricia Lane

Patricia Lane, a dual French & American national, holds advanced degrees in Political Science targeting the US-Europe-Asia triangle.

An intercultural communications specialist, she leads the Franco-American Quill, which provides creative copywriting, executive training, and cross-cultural strategic consulting. She has worked for clients such as Airbus, Groupe Bel, Aventis, McDonald’s Europe, Dalkia and Linkfluence, has taught at INALCO, and is a member of the SFT, IABC and Communication et Entreprise. Passionate about photography, she is rarely seen without her Nikon slung over her shoulder.

Visit Patricia at www.francoamericanquill.com



Annette Monnoury

Annette Monnoury is a coach and trainer who makes the link between well-being and high performance on stage.

Trained as an engineer followed by an MBA, Annette gained significant business experience as product manager for leading companies (Philips, Digital Equipment, Sun Microsystems), developing into a seasoned public speaker. In parallel, she has been learning and applying wellness and relaxation techniques for 25 years.



Madeleine Resener

Madeleine Resener has a long track record of successfully preparing European executives to meet the international financial community. Notably, she was responsible for coaching the senior executives in high profile IPOs such as Gaz de France, EDF and Aéroports de Paris. Her professional background includes three years as director of media relations for Morgen Walke Europe.



Adipat Virdi (United Kingdom)

With over 10 years experience in the film and media industries, Adipat is a leading exponent in the field of Transmedia / Multiplatform storytelling and design. As well as developing his own content, Adipat consults with various companies to implement innovative audience engagement strategies. In the process of doing this work, he speaks at various festivals and events around the world and leads training programmes in this field.



Roberto Lalli (Germany)

Specialising in value-based leadership and marketing through storytelling, and speaking fluent German, Italian and English, Roberto coaches and trains executives around Europe to broaden their charismatic leadership Skills and their storytelling expertise.