5 warning signs someone is not ready to speak at your TEDx event

by Pierre Morsa

“Don’t worry, I’m experienced, I speak at conferences all the time!” How many times have we heard that sentence from speakers who never did a TEDx style talk, yet think that, because of experience, they can just wing it? For us, it’s not reassuring. Quite the opposite, it’s a clear warning sign that the speaker doesn’t really know what is expected of him. Here are five warning signs that give you clues that your speaker may not be ready to give a TEDx style talk.

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What Business Can Learn From TED

by Phil Waknell

Today marks the start of TED2018, the latest edition of the world’s best-known modern conference. Participants in Vancouver will be treated to high-quality talks from well-prepared speakers, and will leave feeling energized and inspired. Back in the office, you and your colleagues will no doubt be subjected to low-quality presentations from poorly-prepared speakers, and you will leave feeling bored and uninspired. Business presentations are not TED talks. A board meeting is not a stage with a round red carpet.

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TEDx Saclay – Worth all the Applause

by Rose Bloomfield

For the third year running, Ideas on Stage was very happy to partner with the TEDx Saclay conference, which took place this November 30, 2017 in the brand-new CentraleSupélec amphitheater at the Plateau de Saclay on the powerful theme of “Serving the Living”. TEDx Saclay Keeping standards typically high, this year’s event boasted a rich program of speakers including a few notably prestigious guests such as Cédric Villani – renowned mathematician and member of the French National Assembly – as well as artists, scientists, students, entrepreneurs and even a Guinness World Record gamer (Kayane).

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TEDX McGill 2016

Ideas on Stage, the global presentation specialists have been coaching TED speakers over the last six years with great results. This year we not only coached but also partnered with TedX McGill which occurred earlier this month. View this post on Instagram Check out our amazing location for our conference ! A post shared by TEDxMcGill (@tedxmcgill2016) on Mar 9, 2016 at 6:00am PST

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