Our upcoming events in London

by The Ideas on Stage team -

A big part of the way many companies sell is to create a presentation that shows the complex benefits of the solution they are offering. But even great businesses — which are very good at what they do — often lack the ability to clearly share their message to their target audience using presentations. There are many reasons why people and companies want to improve their presentations but at the heart of it what they really want is to win more deals, get more customers and sell more.

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Welcome to Andrea Pacini, UK Presentation Director

by Pierre Morsa —

This March Andrea Pacini joined Ideas on Stage as UK Presentation Director, meaning that Ideas on Stage now has a direct presence in France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom - and we serve the rest of the world from these four locations. We sat down with Andrea for a short interview. Q: What is your background? A: I am Italian, and I studied in Italy and Ireland. I then did an internship in Cambridge, where I fell in love with the UK and decided to stay there.

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