What Business Can Learn From TED

by Phil Waknell

Today marks the start of TED2018, the latest edition of the world’s best-known modern conference. Participants in Vancouver will be treated to high-quality talks from well-prepared speakers, and will leave feeling energized and inspired. Back in the office, you and your colleagues will no doubt be subjected to low-quality presentations from poorly-prepared speakers, and you will leave feeling bored and uninspired. Business presentations are not TED talks. A board meeting is not a stage with a round red carpet.

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The Women on Stage Workshop Returns Dec 7

by Marion Chapsal -

This December 7th in an elegant boardroom along the Champs-Elysée something powerful will take place: the beloved Women on Stage workshop will return by popular demand led by Marion Chapsal, Chief Learning Officer and Speaking Coach. Spaces are limited to allow space for each voice and leader to present and receive personalized feedback. Marion Chapsal For over 20 years, Marion’s work has helped leaders to strengthen their executive presence, enhance their presentation and communication skills, and promote gender-balanced leadership in everything she does.

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Can Women Pitch As Well As Men?

by Rose Bloomfield

It’s a simple fact that most successful startups are run by men. Why? Firstly, there are more men than women who decide - or dare - to start companies. Secondly, men are more successful at raising funds than women, and even those women who do raise funds end up raising less, on average, than their male counterparts. Having spent two years playing in the Silicon Valley arena myself, I’ve seen this truth first hand both in California and now in France.

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