Showtime Stress


Rose: OK. Yes. Got it. Thanks. Bye.

Rose: Welcome to the Business Presentation Revolution. I’m super stressed today because I have a presentation at the end of the day that I’m not prepared for. So I’ve called my coach to help turn this stress into success.

Michael: Hey Rose, what’s up?

Rose: Michael, I have a presentation at the end of the day. I helped prepare it with my colleagues so I know the slides but I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice for me?

Michael: Rose. What you need are the three S’s of Success.

Rose: What are those?

Michael: First things first. Serenity. You’re going to stop working. You’ve been working very, very hard. Trust the fact that you know it, you know your slides. They’re finished. Put down the computer.

Rose: Put down… put down the computer.

Michael: Yep. I’m telling you to do that.

Rose: OK.

Michael: Also to be serene, you cannot present effectively drinking coffee. This is really, really bad: coffee, energy drinks… Put that aside.

Rose: OK.

Michael: And put your phone on silent.

Rose: You’re going a little far, Michael.

Michael: Put it on silent. Give your brain space to relax. And also, for serenity it’s important with regards to this venue, right?

Rose: Yeah.

Michael: Get there early.

Rose: Ok. That’s okay. I can do that. I can get there early.

Michael: Now the second S of Success is about Space. When you arrive at that venue tonight, early, make sure you give yourself time to go on stage. Stand up there. If you can, pass your slides, test your videos and have a go at rehearsing on stage. If you can’t with a technical team then rehearse by yourself looking at the room in front of you and discovering it.

Rose: That makes sense. OK. I’m going to get there early. I can test the stage. I can look at the space.

Michael: Absolutely, and also know where you’re entering from, where you’re exiting and where you’re going to be placed before you show up on stage, and also know where the water is. In case you get dry mouth or something like that.

Rose: OK. That actually really helps, just to start imagining the space. I’ve seen it quickly but I think I will go back and I’ll check the stage and do exactly like you said: entrances, exits…

Michael: Exactly.

Rose: …where am I sitting before I present. I feel pretty good with those two first S’s: Serenity, Space. What’s the third S?

Michael: So the third S is basically to seek Support. So, when you get there, seek out who are the technical people lighting you, miking you up, and looking after the slides and the guy who has the clicker. Because these people are great to introduce yourself to, they’re going to be looking after you and you’re going to feel so much better about doing that.

Rose: Michael, this is making so much sense. It has really helped me calm down and I know our viewers can relate to that moment. So, would you recap these three excellent S’s for us?

Michael: Absolutely. First one: Serenity - find your focus and find your calm. Two: Space - get into the space where you’re gonna be presenting. Three: Seek out technical Support. Get to know the guys who are looking after you and making you great on stage.

  1. Serenity: find your focus and your calm.
  2. Space: get into the space where you’re going to present.
  3. Support: seek out technical help.

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