The Business Presentation Revolution

Introducing The Business Presentation Revolution Podcast: your regular dose of Presentation Inspiration. In these bite-sized videos we share valuable tips on all aspects of the art of presenting, such as successful preparation practices, speaking tips to really engage a specific audience, slide design and more.

Rose Bloomfield is the anchor of the show, and Phil Waknell is the first guest to appear in the series. We’ll be sharing a new video every two weeks, so follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe on iTunes to get each episode hot off the press.

Previous episodes

Episode 3: Your audience

The secret ingredient in any presentation is Your Audience. Don’t forget to ask these essential questions to be sure you don’t fail before you’ve even started to speak.

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Episode 2: Overcoming nerves

Rose asks Phil how to overcome your fear before a big presentation, and turn it into positive energy on stage. Discover our Chief Inspiration Officer's tips to find your inner zen before a big event.

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Episode 1: Transformation

Presentations are for transformation, not information. Learn the golden simple question to ask yourself to make your presentation a success. Guest: Phil Waknell

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