Women, a series of kakemonos celebrating women who changed the world

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Amelia Earhart

Adventure Is Worthwile In Itself. Amelia Earhart

Katherine Johnson

Everything Was So New. The Whole Idea Of Going Into Space Was New And Daring. There Were No Textbooks, So We Had To Write Them. Katherine Johnson

Hedy Lamarr

All Creative People Want To Do The Unexpected. Hedy Lamarr

Michelle Obama

Success Isn’t About How Much Money You Make, It’s About The Difference You Make In People’s Lives. Michelle Obama

Gertrude Stein

One Must Dare To Be Happy Gertrude Stein

Marie Curie

Dans La Vie Rien N’est À Craindre, Tout Est À Comprendre. Marie Curie

Marguerite Duras

La Passion Reste En Suspens Dans Le Monde, Prête À Traverser Les Gens Qui Veulent Bien Se Laisser Traverser Par Elle. Marguerite Duras