Biogen France

Conference Speaker Coaching

Ideas on Stage regularly partners with Biogen France, the French division of one of the world’s largest innovators and manufacturers in treatments for serious neurological, autoimmune and rare diseases. Yearly symposium events and interventions at renowned conferences are organized with leading experts and professional speakers invited to share ideas on research and related themes. Ideas on Stage accompanies each of these speakers to help them prepare and deliver a clear and powerful presentation, resulting in high quality and unforgettable events


Strategic Presentations

Even the most technical subjects can greatly benefit from storytelling. We helped Google deliver a persuasive talk about the Java language and its future. We started by preparing a script to make the speaker’s knowledge accessible and explain delicate issues. Then we created great, inspiring and surprising visuals to reinforce the message. We then helped the speaker master the delivery of his presentation, helping him rehearse and become familiar with the environment of the stage.

Word Bank Group

Strategic Presentations and Coaching

What happens when you are sitting on a wealth of know-how and knowledge and it isn’t being shared? The answer: nothing! This is one of the challenges we faced with the World Bank’s sixty-year treasure trove of development experience. We created the roadmap to help launch an Open Learning Campus where not only is knowledge shared and disseminated, practitioners are also able to find each other. This effort was so successful that we were invited back to give a master class in Strategic Storytelling to the Bank’s most senior management. Result: those senior managers are sharing the tools within their divisions and crucial world-changing knowledge is once again flowing!

Business France

Speaker coaching for international conferences

As the French government’s official agency for promoting French businesses abroad, Business France regularly sends delegations of startups and small businesses to major international events like SxSW, WebSummit and CES, under the ‘French Tech’ banner. Before they go, Business France ensures that Ideas on Stage coaches all the startups on how to pitch in English, so they can make the most of these events to build their brands and networks and gain maximum media exposure.

Colombus Consulting

Presentation Training

Ideas on Stage runs three-day presentation training courses for small groups of partners, managers and senior consultants at Colombus Consulting, the leading Paris-based firm. Over the last three years we have trained every partner and most senior managers, helping Colombus Consulting to sell more effectively and fueling their strong growth. Our course is consistently the most highly-rated across their whole curriculum.


Speaker Coaching

EDF is one of the largest energy producers and distributors in Europe. We helped them coach the speakers for their highly visible Pulse awards, a ceremony that rewards the best internal innovations from the employees of the company.


Speaker Coaching

International Marketing Officers at L’Oréal are gathering every year for a global conference in Paris. L’Oréal asked Ideas on Stage to help them prepare and deliver TEDx like talks for an innovative and memorable event. Ideas on Stage has been coaching for 3 years the same Marketing Team of women executives. Each one has gained confidence, visibility and influence, thanks to this women executives coaching.

Pierre Fabre

Event Design & Animation

Most international businesses bring their top managers together at least once a year, but instead of making best use of this time to achieve clear objectives, most companies just sit them in an auditorium for several days and make them listen to increasingly boring presentations. The pharma arm of Pierre Fabre wanted to do something different. Ideas on Stage helped them to set clear objectives, create an interesting and interactive agenda, build a memorable theme, and work with session leaders to ensure every part of their annual management retreat was an event in itself. We also produced high-quality slides, coached speakers, and animated the event with one of our experienced on-stage MCs. The result? Participants loved the event, the organisers met their objectives - and we’re now working with them for the third year running.

Internation Flavors and Fragances

Presentation Training

IFF is a global leader in the creation of scents and tastes for many of the products we all use every day; it has a 125 year history of innovation, with a presence in 35 countries, and generates $3 billion in annual sales. When IFF needed help in tuning up their communication capacity, they turned to Ideas on Stage. We designed a tailored training program consisting of several hands-on workshops for some of their top managers to help them to identify their core messages and to present them in a convincing and memorable way. Thanks to our training, if you’d never heard of IFF before, perhaps you soon will again!