Media Training

Show the world the best version of yourself

You come from make-up into a warm studio under hot lights, you take a seat opposite a journalist you hardly know, and after a brief greeting you are thrust via technology in front of a million pairs of eyes. Just as that thought hits your mind you’re being fired your first question, by someone who might not pull their punches. It suddenly feels even hotter under the lights.

Talking on video or in front of a live audience is stressful even for seasoned speakers, and when every word, every pause and every movement are observed and analysed, the potential impact on you and your business - positive or negative - can be huge. Facing an audience or a journalist without professional preparation would be a massive risk, but a well-prepared speaker has an important opportunity to shine.

The Ideas on Stage Media Training service is designed to prepare leaders for TV or radio appearances and conference interviews, using tried and tested techniques that help the client to prioritise key messages, improve listening skills and camera awareness and develop a stronger stage presence.

Working on your own schedule with our experienced Senior Coaches, you will learn:

  • A powerful tool to prepare for each interview
  • An active listening strategy to help you to understand long and complicated questions
  • Tips to look and feel more grounded while in the spotlight
  • Better awareness of your surroundings and how your presence has an important role particularly in hostile situations
  • How to speak properly to the camera

If you have an important public or media appearance coming up, contact us via the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly. These requests are directly received and handled by our Senior Coaching Team to ensure the highest level of confidentiality.