The Business Presentation Revolution Training

Train your teams to give TED-quality business presentations

Presentations are everywhere in business, and most of them fail to reach their objectives - if they even have clear objectives. The Business Presentation Revolution tears up the conventional wisdom and provides trainees a simple new method for producing great presentations that hit the mark every time.

The Business Presentation Revolution, accompanied by the book of the same name, is based on our exclusive Presentation SCORE Method. This course is taught in leading companies and forms part of the HEC Paris Executive MBA curriculum.


The course follows the four key steps of the Presentation SCORE method:

  • Preparation - understanding your audience and their needs, setting your objective, and brainstorming to find your key messages
  • Storytelling - shaping your messages into a compelling storyline that grabs and keeps the audience’s attention and makes your key messages stick
  • Visual Design - illustrating your talk with powerful visual aids that help your audience to understand and remember, instead of the typical death-by-bullet-point that only makes them switch off
  • Speaking - preparing to speak, rehearsing, and delivering your presentation comfortably and convincingly.

The Business Presentation Revolution can be configured to meet your team’s needs, from a half-day introduction all the way up to the full three-day course where every participant prepares and delivers their own presentation and receives individual advice on how to improve even further. The longer the course, the more hands-on it will be.

Many companies choose to combine The Business Presentation Revolution with some Public Speaking Coaching, giving each participant a few hours of one-on-one coaching after the course to help them apply and perfect the new methods.

To find out more about The Business Presentation Revolution and how it can help your teams to present more effectively, please fill in our contact form below.