Reboot your company

Everyone has an idea to pitch

Many large corporations look at startups and wonder how they could be as agile, as creative and as innovative as these fast-moving entrepreneurs. Can you get long-time employees to think differently and adopt a startup mindset? Our answer is most definitely: Yes, we can!


Reboot Your Company is a half-day workshop, ideal for department meetings or team events, built using our many years of experience working with hundreds of startups, as well as our many blue-chip clients. In the space of a morning or afternoon, teams will generate ideas, create their startup and pitch it in front of a jury in a showcase pitch competition.

Perhaps they will come up with some innovative ideas to move your business forward. However, the most important outcomes are that they will have unleashed their inner creativity, learned the key points of any new solution, practised their pitching, and ventured beyond their comfort zone - and they’ll have a great time doing it, which leads to positive team spirit.

If you want to make your team think differently and boost their creativity, find out more about Reboot Your Company by contacting us using the form below.