Training & Workshops

Change the culture of presentations in your company

At Ideas on Stage, we believe that everybody has the potential to become a successful presenter – and that even talented speakers have the potential to improve. Why’s that? Because we’ve helped thousands of presenters to become more comfortable, confident and convincing, across a wide range of clients at all levels of business and experience.

Proven methods, experienced trainers

The methods and techniques we teach are the ones we use every day to produce memorable presentations for business leaders, so we know they work. Our trainers all have many years of experience of high-level presentations so you are learning from true experts.

Made to measure

Every presentation should be made to measure for a specific audience. Likewise, our courses are tailored for each client’s specific needs to make the maximum business impact: adapting the duration, choosing the most appropriate trainers, including client-specific examples and exercises, and choosing to focus more or less on each art of presenting according to your needs.

Lasting transformation

Our results-oriented approach is aimed at creating a permanent change in the way you and your team present. Our courses are very hands-on so participants learn AND adopt our new techniques. We give detailed handouts to guide participants through the creation of their next presentations. And we can add one-to-one coaching for participants in the weeks after the course, to help them to prepare and rehearse as they use these new methods. Our courses are only the beginning of the journey.

Business communication, TED-style

Board presentations are not stage shows, but business can learn much from TED and Apple presentations. As a leader in this new style of presenting, with hundreds of talks behind us at TED(x) events all over the world, Ideas on Stage helps you to apply some TED-style magic to your business communication.