Presentation Creation Agency

From great idea to great presentation

The core of Ideas on Stage’s mission is to help leaders to communicate effectively. In a world where most business presentations fail even to keep audiences awake, it is all the more important to be the exceptional presenter whom everyone remembers.

Whether your clients are preparing for a TED talk, an important sales pitch or a vital board meeting, our experienced specialists will take them through our pSCORE™ presentation generation method, proven in thousands of important presentations and taught at leading business schools like HEC Paris.

From defining clear objectives and choosing key messages, all the way through to a final presentation ready to deliver, we ensure your clients communicate clearly, effectively and memorably.

Communication strategy consulting

With our unique ATR (Audience Transformation Roadmap) you will be confident that you have the right message for the right audience. The ATR was built by business professionals for business professionals.


Experience proves it again and again: great slides are nothing without a great story. Our Experts practice business storytelling every day. They teach it in business and communication schools.


The storytellers will work hand in hand with our presentation designers to create powerful slides that will greatly increase the impact of your words.

Meant for Business

Our Presentation Creation team is led by former business executives who can help you turn complex concepts into simple illustrations. We know how to capture and keep the audience's interest to help you win the day.

iStockPhoto purchases included

You don't have to worry about the cost of purchasing stock pictures. They are included in the price.

Pixel perfect slides

Our unique PixelPerfectTool (PPT) guarantees that a 1 pixel line on your slide is a 1 pixel line on the screen. Say goodbye to fuzzy lines or slightly misaligned elements.

Light as a feather

You want to send your presentation but the file is too big? We will use our in-house tool to reduce the size of the PowerPoint presentation dramatically without visible quality loss.

How does it work?

We first meet to discuss your requirements and your goals. We work in Paris, Barcelona, Washington and Milan. Alternatively you can use the form below to send us your request, and we will get back to you.


1 Brainstorming

We will start by a brainstorming session to collect ideas for the presentation. No stone left unturned.

2 Story

Based on the brief and brainstorm we will craft a story that will make your audience want to listen.

3 PowerPoint presentation

Once the story is validated we build the PowerPoint Deck. We also use Apple Keynote.


One More Thing

We know your business evolves constantly. This is why you have one year after we deliver the final deck to request one more set of revisions. For free.

Storytelling & Copywriting

Together with our creative business storytellers, craft a narrative to captivate your audience and make your messages stick.

Presentation Strategy

Choose the right angle for your audience to ensure your presentation is a complete success.