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We all spend much of our working time in meetings, and we know how inefficient they usually are. Now most of those meetings are online, and they’re no better: in fact, they are even more tiring.

Our Virtual Meeting Revolution training offers a completely new approach to make everybody more productive, and turn each virtual meeting into a real success.

Online Meeting

A 5-step method for imagining and leading a successful online meeting

Understand the context, set clear objectives and choose the right participants.

Controlled brainstorming to find the right ingredients for your meeting to achieve its objectives.

Arrange the ingredients in a clear agenda that maximizes attention and interaction.

Prepare effective visual aids (slides) and documents to support your online meeting.

Speak to gain and keep attention, and lead your online meeting professionally.

Zoom Meeting
  • What are the 5 flavors of virtual meetings?
  • What are the 4 categories of online meeting objectives?
  • Which 5 types of people should you invite to your meeting – and who should you not invite?
  • How should you use slides effectively in virtual meetings?
  • How should I set up my home office for success in online meetings?

Discover the answers to these questions and many more, and learn how to use our unique Meeting Agenda Planner, in our groundbreaking Virtual Meeting Revolution course.

Option 1: one day, 100% online

How better to demonstrate how to run successful virtual meetings than with a completely virtual course? A whole day online might frighten some people, but we show participants that it is possible to keep people listening attentively all day long, if the meeting is well organized and planned.

Option 2: Three online modules

Some clients prefer to run the course over several short modules instead of a whole day. We therefore also run Virtual Meeting Revolution as three modules, each lasting 90-120 minutes, planned according to your availability.

Working from home

Attention & interactivity

Keeping attention in online meetings is tough, and it’s the same in online training courses.

We used our own 5-step Virtual Meeting Revolution method to imagine and build this course, which consists of several short interactive ”plenary” modules, exercises in sub-groups, individual reading time – and breaks.

In this way, time flies, and participants discover not only an end-to-end method and a new approach to online meetings, but also an example of what is possible. This, combined with our highly entertaining trainers, makes sure nobody loses attention in our courses!

Training for small groups

The Virtual Meeting Revolution course can accept up to 30 participants, with two trainers, or up to 10 participants with one trainer. We use virtual breakout rooms for exercises so participants can learn by doing, not just by listening.

We run our courses using Zoom, unless you prefer to use your own standard video meeting technology.

Big groups? No problem!

If you have more than 30 people to train, or you simply want to share the learning as widely as possible in your organization, we can run Virtual Meeting Revolution as a series of interactive webinars. Although participant microphones will mostly be muted in large-group webinars to preserve sound quality, we still make these sessions as interactive and entertaining as possible, using chat and polls for example, and taking participant questions regularly.

A comprehensive participant workbook

Our objective is to ensure participants remember what they learn, and have the tools to put it into practice.

Knowing well that slides make poor documents and documents make poor slides, we use powerful visual aids during the course, but we don’t simply print or share them because they wouldn’t be very useful months or years later.

Instead, participants receive a detailed, standalone workbook which will help them during the course, but which is also a practical reference guide they can use and re-use to prepare virtual meetings.

Experienced trainers

As specialists in presentations and organizing major business conferences and events, and with ten years of experience both teaching executives and working remotely with leaders and presenters around the world, Ideas on Stage is ideally positioned to revolutionize not only business presentations but also online meetings. This course and our methodology are based on our real-life experience and best practices from leading companies around the world.

Join the Revolution!

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