Virtual Meetings Revolution Training

Keep the Human Factor

With all of this effort to stay safe and healthy, we don’t want to fall into isolation. Two big risks in remote work, as we well know, is feeling disconnected and demotivated. So how do we make our meetings a place of human connection even when we’re a screen apart?

Lonely Remote Worker

Firstly, don’t cut all water-cooler talk. Consider starting your meeting with a quick round of check-ins: “How is everyone doing? Any problems or challenges that you want to share? Any recent successes, personal or professional?” Whatever question(s) that best matches your organizational culture will help to keep team trust and a sense of connection alive. And of course, be sure to actually listen during this time and note down any roadblocks either practical or psychological to address in an appropriate manner.

Virtual Meeting

Secondly, keep the bigger “why” alive and clear. When delegating tasks, make sure that your colleagues feel bought in on the bigger purpose of a project. Communicating by slack or instant message of any kind can make things efficient or go very awry. We need to take the proper time to communicate at the start and answer questions early on to ensure smooth work and desirable outcomes. In essence, don’t forget that at the end of the day people are not machines; we are not transactional but relational beings. When we do well by our teams, we do much better business.

Topics covered during the training:

  • Setup and preparation
  • Ideation
  • Creation
  • Illustration
  • Delivery

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