Aim not for perfect, but for personal.

by Phil Waknell

There is no such thing as a perfect presentation. You should of course prepare and rehearse it enough so you know it well, and so your messages come from the heart, not the head. If you can focus on delivering not just the syllables of your words, but the meaning behind them, then you are ready to present. 

Do not overdo the rehearsals, though. Your audience does not expect absolute perfection, and if you can create a strong connection with them, they will accept your imperfections, and see you as more human. Focus not on trying to speak perfectly, but on making a personal connection with your audience, one member at a time.

Remember: it’s not your presentation – it’s theirs. Since communication is more about what they receive than what you send, it’s vital to build a connection with them, so they are part of your presentation, paying full attention, and truly listening.

This means you need to pay attention to them, and how they are reacting to your messages – and adapt your presentation accordingly. Aim to interact with your audience as much as possible, and to bring them into the communication.

The more you can make a personal, human connection with your audience, the more likely they will be to overlook your imperfections, and to want you to succeed – and the more attentively they will listen. Aim not for perfect, but for personal.

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