Don’t rush your start

by Pierre Morsa

Many speakers tend to rush the start of their presentation. During conferences and events, they start to speak even before they put a foot on the stage, talking as they walk towards the center, or as soon as the master of ceremonies stops to speak. It makes them look as if they think they are suffering from the “imposter” syndrome, insecure and unsure that they should be speaking on stage.

Confident leaders act differently. They take the time to gain “ownership” of the stage. They enter the stage, fast or slow depending on their style. They use eye contact and body language to build a relationship with the audience. They take the time to position themselves in the centre, they take the time to breathe, and only then they start to speak. In other words, as true leaders do, they dictate the pace. Powerful people only speak when they are ready and on their terms.

Taking your time before you start speaking will help you build more stage presence and avoid one of the most common pitfalls which is to start your delivery before establishing a proper connection with the public.

Rush your presentation start