Meet Camille, your new contact

by Camille Spokojny -

A funny thing happened when I was describing my “dream job” to a friend. I imagined a company whose mission would be to help people become great presenters, and had a culture that was both supporting and nurturing while remaining professional and attentive to clients’ needs. My friend said: “I know that company!”

A few weeks later after a relaxing summer vacation between positions, I found myself in the company of all my new colleagues, some whom I met for the very first time, at our annual Fall team meeting. We spent the next few days together working night and day on exactly what my role would be and how we can better serve our partners and clients.

So what’s my role? In four words: keep my colleagues busy! Their role is to deliver our top-class presentation creation, training, speaker coaching and event services; my role is to make sure they have plenty to do.

To fulfill this role, I have three main objectives:

  • Keep our clients delighted
  • Help our partners to sell our services to their clients
  • Build our brand and business internationally

First, I’ll be linking up with many of our clients to establish a relationship and become a key point of contact for them, matching their needs to our solutions. This also involves linking back with them after each mission to check how things went and how we can delight them even more in the future.

Second, I’ll be the main point of contact for our various partners who offer our services to their clients, giving them all the support (and encouragement) they need to bring us in regularly to deliver more value to their clients.

Third, I’ll be working on various initiatives to build the Ideas on Stage brand and business in all our countries and beyond, acting as the main link between all our locations, and looking for opportunities to help more presenters in more places.

Succeeding in all three of these objectives will certainly keep my colleagues busy, and will mean we continue to grow quickly as the leading international presentation specialist. And that means we can help more speakers to shine on stage, more leaders to inspire their people, and more event organizers to design and produce the kind of business events we’d all love to attend.

Is this my “dream job?” It certainly sounds like it. I’m already feeling very welcome in this fantastic team, I’m passionate about my mission, and I look forward to meeting our clients and partners, so together we can make that dream a reality.

Camille Spokojny