Public Speaking Coaching With Virtual Reality in Paris

by Pierre Morsa —

I don’t think it’s exaggerated to say that the mentality in public speaking coaching and oratory coaching is fairly conservative. After all, many of the techniques that are taught today were developed by some guys in togas before year one of our calendar!

But the world has changed a lot since then, and recent technology advances have opened new exciting possibilities for public presentation training. One of these technologies is virtual reality. If you’re in the Paris area, we now have the possibility to supplement our traditional public speaking coaching with virtual reality in combination with our traditional oratory coaching.


There are many advantages to using virtual reality. The most obvious one is the ability to simulate a large audience. We always try to make speakers practice in a setting which is as close to the real situation as possible, but assembling 500 people in a room to play the public is simply not feasible. Virtual Reality changes that. It allows the speaker to face a virtual public and learn how to interact with it. The simulation of the emotions of the public will let the orator learn how to stay cool and manage any situation, and how to handle tough questions with confidence.

The public speaking virtual reality training simulation can be used in different situations, for example

  • Presentation training for your sales team
  • Negotiation training for managers
  • Public speaking training for an internal event

In the comfort and discretion of our offices on the Champs Élysées, in the heart of Paris, you will get the most complete public speaking coaching possible. Whether it’s to train for small group negotiations or to deliver a keynote speech in front of your employees or the press, virtual reality will ensure that you are fully prepared. For clients in other countries, we can organize training days mixing traditional oratory training techniques with virtual reality.