Are you ready?

by Rose Bloomfield -

It’s already October and you know what that means… Firming up plans for next year. Pitching projects. Assigning budgets. And ultimately getting creative about how to expire old, ineffective systems and implement a smarter and better approach. Look around and catch the shift. It’s not time for just another step forward. It’s time to leap.

At Ideas on Stage we coach, train and design for international clients and companies large and small, from CAC 40 enterprises to startups and incubators. They invite us in to provide outside perspective and help leadership and teams to think big, bold and with purpose for how to serve their respective end user, whether internal or external.

Recently, as our team was reflecting on the past 12-months, and wondering what we wanted to develop in the year to come, we got inspired to assemble a fun 1min video-montage highlighting some of the speeches and stages we helped to animate between fall 2017-2018. For a quick sip of energy, you can find the video at the end of this post.

While working with people from such a wide range of industries, we hear a universal theme arise: How do we transform the inside of our organization into something meaningful, powerful and relevant in our changing economic landscape?

There are countless examples of these evolutions:

  • Financial institutions are becoming more agile and customer centric.
  • Corporates are partnering with startups to build innovative solutions.
  • Hospitality is shifting to meet new demands in a sharing economy.
  • The list goes on…

At Ideas on Stage we love bringing work and pleasure together to inspire creative thinking and optimize the power of collaboration. Things work better that way. More gets done. Just don’t forget the dark chocolate.

So, as autumn leaves fall carrying their message of change, let’s imagine where this leap might take us. A few questions to get you started:

  1. _what would you want to achieve next year if you knew you could not fail? _
  2. how do you want your team, company or personal presence to grow?
  3. how would you like to feel the next time you speak?
  4. how do you currently prepare for important events or presentations?
  5. how will you use your voice more effectively for the benefit of all?

Spark any ideas? Jot them down. Once you have a little insight into what you want to be, say and do in 2019–and beyond–ask yourself: are you ready?

No matter the answer. We have seen countless times the unstoppable power of intention paired with preparation. You got this. And should you like any help along the way, you know where to find us.