5 Speaking Lessons from President Macron

Yesterday French President Emmanuel Macron took live, unscripted questions from an audience of 2000 tech entrepreneurs and investors at Station F, the undisputed hub of the French startup community. Ideas on Stage may not be a tech company, but we have helped thousands of start-ups with their pitches, and partner with many accelerators including Ashoka’s, based at Station F. So we are very much part of the French Tech ecosystem, and very interested in how it is evolving under its new Director, our good friend Kat Borlongan.

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Are you ready?

It’s already October and you know what that means… Firming up plans for next year. Pitching projects. Assigning budgets. And ultimately getting creative about how to expire old, ineffective systems and implement a smarter and better approach. Look around and catch the shift. It’s not time for just another step forward. It’s time to leap. At Ideas on Stage we coach, train and design for international clients and companies large and small, from CAC 40 enterprises to startups and incubators.

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What Business Can Learn From TED

Today marks the start of TED2018, the latest edition of the world’s best-known modern conference. Participants in Vancouver will be treated to high-quality talks from well-prepared speakers, and will leave feeling energized and inspired. Back in the office, you and your colleagues will no doubt be subjected to low-quality presentations from poorly-prepared speakers, and you will leave feeling bored and uninspired. Business presentations are not TED talks. A board meeting is not a stage with a round red carpet.

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7 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Presenting

Fear doesn’t remove the danger. Embrace it and get on top of your presentations. “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” - a memorable line from President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inaugural address in 1932 at the depths of the Great Depression. At the time he may not have realized it, but his words are among the most powerful pieces of advice for public speaking. After all, what we all fear in presentations is succumbing to fear.

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3 presentation lessons from The Darkest Hour

Have you seen Gary Oldman in his interpretation of Churchill in the latest biopic by Joe Wright? If you have not, please go. It’s jaw-dropping. His outstanding performance may very soon win him an Oscar. You will enjoy some of the finest acting and also benefit from precious presentation lessons from the Master Orator. Here are 3 takeaways from the movie, which you can immediately apply for your next keynote, sales meeting or investor pitch.

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