I presented at CES and all I got was a bunch of ungrateful tweets

My colleague Ricardo pointed me to a tweet from Rene Ritchie, who was attending the conferences at CES. Dear almost everyone on stage at CES: Pay ungodly amounts of money — anything you have to — to get WWDC speaker training ASAP. Or go to Juilliard or the Royal Shakespeare Company for a month. Whatever works for you. — Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie) January 8, 2019 This tweet says: “Dear almost everyone on stage at CES: Pay ungodly amounts of money — anything you have to — to get WWDC speaker training ASAP.

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What presentation lessons can we learn from Apple’s profit warning?

By now, you’ve probably heard that Apple was doomed. Last Wednesday they released a profit warning press release, followed by an interview with CEO Tim Cook. I’m all too aware of Apple’s previous profit warning. Back in the nineties, after Steve Jobs returned to Apple and a Saudi prince (whose name I forget) bought a lot of Apple shares, I decided that I would be a smart investor and I bought Apple shares too.

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Don't Inform, Transform

Too many presentations aim only to inform, yet this is one thing oral presentations are particularly bad at – we forget most of what we hear within 30 seconds. If you want people to remember information, give them a document and a coffee, and time to read. Then you can answer their questions, discuss, agree on the next steps, and leave. This is what happens in meetings at companies like Amazon and LinkedIn, where not only do meetings never have slides - they never have presentations.

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5 Speaking Lessons from President Macron

Yesterday French President Emmanuel Macron took live, unscripted questions from an audience of 2000 tech entrepreneurs and investors at Station F, the undisputed hub of the French startup community. Ideas on Stage may not be a tech company, but we have helped thousands of start-ups with their pitches, and partner with many accelerators including Ashoka’s, based at Station F. So we are very much part of the French Tech ecosystem, and very interested in how it is evolving under its new Director, our good friend Kat Borlongan.

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Are you ready?

It’s already October and you know what that means… Firming up plans for next year. Pitching projects. Assigning budgets. And ultimately getting creative about how to expire old, ineffective systems and implement a smarter and better approach. Look around and catch the shift. It’s not time for just another step forward. It’s time to leap. At Ideas on Stage we coach, train and design for international clients and companies large and small, from CAC 40 enterprises to startups and incubators.

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