Women Executive Coaching

Speak up and be heard!

Our exclusive Senior Team specialized in coaching C-Level Women Executives will help guide you to find a way to be heard, be taken seriously, and be given the authority, without giving up on your femininity, and allowing you to express all the nuances of your emotions, personality and intelligence.

We help many women executives from leading companies to master the arts of leading from the stage, speaking to the media, and inspiring their organisations. Our role is to build competence, confidence and comfort, and make you enjoy the challenge of leadership communication in all situations, from the boardroom to the auditorium.

Based on your brief and our initial recommendations we will build a made-to-measure program, with a special focus on gender-balanced communication techniques, to help you become an exceptional presenter. Individual sessions with experts in the various arts of presenting will help you become proficient in all key areas.

As a result you will be able to:

  • Influence the public perception of your ability to lead in any conditions.
  • Talk, move and behave confidently in front of your audience.
  • Be perceived as an authentic and approachable leader.
  • Face the toughest audiences with confidence.
  • Understand the double-bind effect for women when they communicate at work and get away from this polarity.
  • Explore what to do instead and discover the power of presence in delivery, via breathing, voice and posture techniques.
  • Get the recognition you deserve with increased visibility and impact.

Combining our Women Executive Coaching program with Strategic Presentations is one of the best long-term investments to boost your career and become a high-profile Executive.

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