Master of Ceremonies

A Master of Ceremonies for your event

Our Master of Ceremonies will go beyond the traditional animator. They are entertainers, storytellers, showrunners, but it’s only the surface. They will immerse themselves in your event’s specific culture and add another dimension with their thought-provoking questions.

We have acted as Master of Ceremonies for numerous events for well-known companies such as Airbus, Microsoft, EDF and Pierre Fabre, as well as industry congresses and charity events, including COP21 and the World Social Forum.


The role of the Master of Ceremonies is key. (S)he will set the overall atmosphere, tone and rhythm of the event. (S)he will be the link between the talks, the workshops and the animations.

Our Masters of Ceremonies will ensure that you get:

  • An event tone and direction that is compatible with the theme, your values and your culture
  • Smooth and logical transitions that will connect the dots between the various parts of the event
  • Thought-provoking questions and comments
  • Optimal interaction with the audience and the speakers.

Most of our MCs are bilingual (English plus French, Spanish, Italian or German) and many of our international clients have already found this especially helpful for their events.

Combined with our Event Design and Coaching services, our team can deliver a unique set of skills for your event.

To book one of our Masters of Ceremonies, contact us using the form below.