Event Design

“Good enough” is not good enough.

Storify your event and turn it into a unique moment people will love and talk about. Turn a traditional corporate meeting into a powerful opportunity to engage the media, partners, employees, clients or suppliers.

Our Event Design team has made an impact with luxury firms, large pharmaceutical companies, industry leaders, public conferences and more.

Traditional conferences could achieve so much more with a little more. The secret ingredient? Turn the conference into a journey where the audience is the hero.


We will help you design a theme and overall narrative to keep your audience on the edge of their seats, and add our secret ingredient to turn it into an unforgettable experience. We can also help you select the appropriate speakers.

As a result you will get:

  • An overall narrative for your event that will link the individual talks, workshops and activities together into something greater than the sum of the parts
  • A coherent agenda for the event, with a great mix of talks, workshops and activities.

Please note that we do not handle event logistics (lighting, stage design, security, etc), although we can recommend logistics partners if required.

Once the event is designed, we can help you prepare the Speakers with our Speakers Coaching team.

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