Storytelling & Copywriting

Why do we remember stories, yet forget yesterday’s presentation?

Your document or presentation was received, but will it be read? Will it be remembered? And most importantly, will it be acted upon? Or, did you just waste your time . . .

Each year companies create millions of presentations and documents. Yet most of them are boring, hard to understand and lack a clear purpose. The information is there, but it doesn’t stick; and so, it is quickly forgotten.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Presentations and documents can be engaging, clear, and to the point. They are not doomed to slowly collect dust in the bottom of the receiver’s inbox. And because your competitors’ presentations are likely to be unappealing, it’s easy to get noticed! How? By combining reason and emotion.


Making the receiver hear your message is not enough. You have to catch their interest to make them want to listen. To achieve this, we will first arouse their natural curiosity. Once hooked, we’ll tell a story that speaks to them and their needs, reassures them and makes them want to buy, or act on your message.

We rely on a stable team of writers with years of experience delivering storytelling and copywriting for some of the best companies in the world. We can make the most technical subject interesting. In fact, we’ve done just that for a wide range of industries, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, finance, and heavy industries.

To deliver great stories consistently we use tools exclusive to Ideas on Stage, such as the Audience Transformation Roadmap. This helps us understand your goal, who your audience is and what they need to be persuaded to do. We also use an extensive range of storytelling techniques to keep your audience engaged.

Ideas on Stage removes the pain from the writing process. We keep you in the loop from beginning to end so you can provide your feedback and be certain that the final copy meets your expectations.

We are flexible and are used to working under tight deadlines so don’t hesitate to contact us even for last minute requests!

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