Inspiring Keynotes

An inspiring keynote or workshop to wow your audience or motivate your team

Whether you’re organising a conference, a team off-site event or a leadership retreat, your participants will love our entertaining, thought-provoking keynote presentations delivered by one of our experienced professional speakers.

Our speakers have delivered highly-appreciated keynote presentations at major conferences, leading companies and government agencies, as part of events and as off-site presentation workshops for company departments. We are also the only company authorised to deliver official Presentation Zen keynotes, based on the bestselling book by Garr Reynolds.


Whether it’s a 15-minute TEDx talk, a 45-minute talk for the German Speakers’ Association conference or a half-day presentation workshop for a luxury marketing team, our speakers and trainers can deliver a made-to-measure keynote for your event or team that will be a guaranteed highlight of the day.

Covering one or all of the arts of presenting, or even the specific challenges faced by women on stage, our speakers will touch, wow and inspire your audience.

If you’re running an event, you might also wish to use our Speaker Coaching service for your other speakers. This will ensure they don’t make any of the presentation mistakes we tell people to avoid: on the contrary, it will make them – and you – look great.

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