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About Ideas on Stage

Ideas on Stage is the global specialist in business presentations and public speaking, helping customers across Europe, North America and the World to move beyond the boring, ineffective presentations that have become the norm in most companies. As a truly international company, we offer our services in English, French, Spanish and German.

Our Methodology

The pSCORE method (Presentation SCORE) is our new approach to business presenting, honed over many years and proven in a wide variety of companies. pSCORE offers a complete method for the creation of top-quality presentations, starting with careful preparation (start with your audience and the context, set objectives and choose the key messages) and then applying the three arts of presenting:

  • Storytelling: define a clear and effective structure, and use storytelling techniques to make your key messages stick.
  • Visuals: forget Death By PowerPoint – instead use slides and other visual aids to communicate more effectively.
  • Oratory: deliver your presentation powerfully and credibly, with confidence and without stress.